I’m currently a fourth-year student pursuing a double degree in Statistics (Waterloo BMath) and Finance (Wilfrid Laurier BBA). My last internship was as a Data Scientist Intern at Wish working in statistical evaluation of sitewide promotions and R&D of a new company two-step attribution model. I also have internship experience in product adoption analytics at TD Bank. Outside school/work, I create content centered around the applications of data science in professional soccer for an audience of over 18,000 Twitter followers.

You can view some of my work on my personal website, aaronmoniz.com, or @amonizfootball on Twitter.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by email at aaron.moniz@uwaterloo.ca, or through LinkedIn!

Technical Skills:
• Programming: Python, R, SQL
• Tools: Tableau, Excel/Sheets, Power BI (PowerQuery), Hadoop, Superset, Jupyter Notebooks
• Data Skills: Web Scraping (BeautifulSoup), Data Analysis (NumPy, Pandas, Spark, PySpark), Data Visualization
(Matplotlib, Tableau Dashboards), Machine Learning (Scikit-learn), Database (SQL, Hive, Impala, Presto, SparkSQL)